Darkness Visible Service Victorian Skirting Board: Historical Elegance

Victorian Skirting Board: Historical Elegance

Victorian Skirting Board: Historical Elegance post thumbnail image

Skirting board can be a wooden board within the intersection between your surface and wall structure. This not simply guards the lower walls but also gives an extra attractive layer to the area. With different variations available in the market, choosing the right skirting board type for your house could be a little mind-boggling. This blog publish will direct you through diverse skirting board variations and allow you to pick which you might satisfy your residence décor the very best.

Vintage Skirting Board Fashion:

Classic skirting board type is the most widely used and recommended style. It is easy and adaptable and will go properly with both traditional and modern property patterns. The vintage skirting board is usually around 100-150mm in elevation, with a rounded leading and squared-off underside. This design may be coloured inside a contrasting coloration or perhaps the identical coloration as the wall surface to present a stylish appearance.

Victorian Skirting Board Design:

The bullnose skirting type usually features a more complex layout with curves and complex detailing. Because the name shows, it had been more prevalent from the nineteenth century, specifically in Victorian properties. It’s a style that still fits classic houses and apartments. These boards tend to be very much taller in comparison to the classic fashion, and also the outlining ranges from simple curves to far more intricate patterns.

Modern day Skirting Board Fashion:

Modern skirting board styles are made with modern homes in your mind. These variations have nice and clean collections and therefore are usually more basic compared to timeless and Victorian types. The height from the skirting board can be diverse based on the amount of a existence is needed. Lean, square-edged patterns are desired within a modern home environment, with a little shadow series underneath to enhance the look and create attention.

Bullnose Skirting Board Design:

Bullnose skirting boards are seen as a a rounded or curved top rated advantage. These are typically preferred for his or her smooth and chic account. These boards either possess a little benefit in the bottom or nothing in any way. They work efficiently with time or heritage-type properties, however together with the correct finish off can work in modern day options way too. The bullnose skirting board style is perfect for all those looking for a more contemporary handling of a traditional method.

Torus Skirting Board Style:

The torus skirting board design is similar to the traditional fashion, but with an added projection along with a soft process on the top. It’s a fantastic option for individuals who desire to give a little character to their home, without the need of over-complicating stuff. It can be coloured in a contrasting coloration for the wall or painted exactly the same, according to the requirements from the space.


Selecting the best skirting board fashion for your home is incredibly significantly a point of private choice. By understanding variations, you can make a well informed decision depending on your likes, choices, along with the all round décor of your residence. Do not forget that skirting boards are an essential part of your room’s decor. They are a basic design detail that may put value and enhance the feel and look of a property. So, opt for wisely and create a seem which will increase your house for years.

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