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Mr. Jeremy Schulman offers faster and less expensive international dispute resolution

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If we look for a friendly way, the conversation between the parties will have more power than what is written in a contract. In any business, a conflict of interest can arise between the parties because businesses are carried out by people, each with their criteria and interests.
Mr. Jeremy Schulman has specialized in international arbitration, similar to domestic and commercial litigation. Still, instead of in a national court, it takes place before private judges known as arbitrators. It is faster and less expensive for international dispute resolution than domestic court proceedings.
As an expert lawyer in the area, he will assist you and give you the specialized advice you need to comply with the guidelines of the litigation process, guaranteeing that you meet all the qualifying requirements to obtain the expected result.
Jeremy Schulman offers services in anti-piracy conflicts, audits of judicial processes, national and international arbitration, representation, and advice in judicial and extrajudicial conciliations.

A solution in the friendliest way

Commercial litigation arises from a large number of disagreements, and the scope of this area of law is considerably broad. Business litigation, such as financial and investment litigation, are some of the most common types, such as breach of fiduciary duty, intellectual property, and insurance disputes.
After the two companies litigate in court, the logical thing is that they do not have any more business relationships. In a friendly way, the parties do not close the doors for the future. The process in arbitration is the same as in court; you must have a good specialist like Jeremy Schulman.
Many business disputes stem from financial and investment disputes. Individuals and corporations who suspect that their investment advisers have violated insider trading rules for their benefit or believe that their agent has acted inappropriately or has lied to them could constitute a valid legal claim.

Power to resolve disputes

Investment disputes are resolved through arbitration procedures, but sometimes they are filed in state or federal courts; in both cases, Jeremy Schulman is empowered to resolve the situation. Some of the most frequent cases of investment or financial disputes arise after a stockbroker causes his client to make unsuitable investments by committing fraud in connection with a particular transaction or omitting essential information.

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